Climategate – was the leak in the USA?

Climategate:-  I wonder why everyone assumes that the leaked files were obtained from the CRU server? It seems strange to me that Prof Jones said they had been broken into three days ago and he had done nothing about it. Did he just throw up a “straw man” to cover himself? Say the files were hacked and hope that people would focus on the hacker and ignore the content of the emails?

The whistleblower did not say the files were obtained from CRU.

Here is a statement by the Prof Jones on email number 1233245601.txt dated 29th January 2009 From Phil Jones to Ben Santor at the Lawrence Livermore National Library in California, and he makes mention how funny that Ben has put information in a directory called FOIA.

So that means that there was a directory in the US named FOIA?

Perhaps the leak has come from a file on Ben’s computer in California?
The released emails as has been pointed out by others, were collated Jan 1st 2009.

> With free wifi in my room, I’ve just seen that M+M have
> submitted a paper to IJC on your H2 statistic – using more
> years, up to 2007. They have also found your PCMDI data –
> laughing at the directory name – FOIA? Also they make up
> statements saying you’ve done this following Obama’s
> statement about openness in government! Anyway you’ll likely
> get this for review, or poor Francis will. Best if both
> Francis and Myles did this. If I get an email from Glenn I’ll
> suggest this.


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