Climategate – Prof Jones strange statement

Further to my discussion about it being odd that when the story broke, Prof Jones initially said that the breakin had happened 3 days before they were released, how could that be true if a BBC reporter reported that he got similar emails on October 15th?

Apparently the BBC sat on this explosive information. It says a lot about the integrity of the BBC which is pushing the whole AGW fraud. I guess they thought they wouldn’t get caught.

There were emails dated after October, in fact the last email was dated November 12th 2009. So the person if it was a hacker is supposed to have broken into the system twice?

On November 13th there was a rejection of a FOI request of (I think) Steve McIntyre.

There is something decidedly smelly about Prof Jones statement.

Also another theory aired is that the file may have been accidentally left in a computer that had some sort of public access to it, and the hacker stumbled across it.

In that case, he must have stumbled across it or hacked into the system, twice accidentally, once for the BBC release, and another for the later release.

So far we have Climategate, Google-gate, and BBCgate, all exposing corruption in supposedly saintly institutions.


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