The Whistleblower – a US citizen aged 39?

Further to my investigation into who is the whistleblower, I posted a comment some days ago on the climate audit site which no one has followed up.

I believe that there is a connection between an YouTube video posted on 19th November 2009 by a person who joined YouTube on 19th November, calling himself Induseiumgresium and the FOIA release

The video shows a clip from an old movie of Hitler and staff spoken in German. The subtext has many of the words of the emails in them. This was posted a day before the general release on Nov 20th. It beggars belief that this person did not know of the content of the emails.

Furthermore, the pseudonym can be broken down into two words, Indusium Gresium, which (roughly)  is a layer which covers the sorus of a leaf. There can also be a “false indusium”. Now the connection here to Soros, one of the leading AGW behind the scenes funder, is another coincidence too good to be true.

I have sent two messages to this person, neither one of which has been answered. The person says he is 39 years old.


It has had 273,000 views, and yet the person has not logged in for 6 days. This beggars belief that a first time poster would go to all this trouble, then not check on the viewers.


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