Sons of Climategate – Googlegate and BBCgate

One of the interesting things about Climategate is the way it is outing other meanies out of the closet. There will probably be more sons coming soon to an internet near you, so keep your eyes out.

Google: Quite a few people have noticed that Google is not the squeaky clean corporate it pretends to be. It is certainly a player. I don’t mind it if the top brass at Google are alarmists. What I do object to is their using contrivances to try to stop people from finding out about the leaked emails. \

When it first came to light, and the name climategate came into being (Andrew Bolts blog had a competition to see who could come up with a name), initially the alarmists, in their arrogance, tried to ignore it. Then it went ballistic on the internet, and people were blogging and twittering and making comment. Google initially showed these, plus a dropdown box which showed climategate as soon as you typed in cl. I know, I was typing it a lot.

Then suddenly, that automatic prompt disappeared and hasn’t come back.

Also although initially it was nearly 100% of negative comments (the alarmists weren’t alarming about this, policy was to ignore it),  pretty soon top of page one were the alarmist stories poo pooing it.

For several days, the top 3 out of 4 on page one of the search page, were the same three alarmist sites.

Would it have something to do with Mr Al Gore being very closely associated with it?

BBC: Ok we all thought that the BBC (and the ABC in Australia), were biased towards the alarmist camp, but it was still a shock to see how much they were in the camp. These aren’t just camp followers, these are players living in the tents.

Now here, unlike Google, the BBC and the ABC are funded by us, and are supposed to be neutral and show all sides of the story. Those people, the boards, the journalists, and news people have been given those jobs under trust that they won’t let their personal opinions intrude upon the broadcasting.

A reported at the BBC actually received a number of these files on October 15th, and HE SAT ON THEM. This is a public news body, which decided it would collude with the alarmists, and would not show these emails to the public, or discuss them.

Isn’t this low?  There needs to be an enquiry into the partisanship of the BBC.


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