Left women leaders hypocrites

I name and shame these hypocritical women:- Kerry Davies of Council for Single Mothers and their children; Claire Moore, Labor’s spokesperson (?) for women; Larissa Walters, Greens senator; Debbie Brennan, “Radical Women” spokesperson.
As quoted in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald of 28th August 2014, you are trying to stop a World Congress of Families hold a forum.
The group is particularly worried about the congress’ influence on government MPs, and fears for women’s rights.

“We aren’t talking about 1950s conservatives stuff, we are going back hundreds of years to absolutely disgusting, terrifying oppression of half the population,” Ms Davies said. “It is very scary stuff.”

Senator Waters’ motion condemned the congress because it “is responsible for spreading homophobic and sexist prejudices around the world … [and] is responsible for spreading harmful myths, including linking abortion with breast cancer”.

The Coalition to Beat Back the Far-Right says it has already scored victories, with at least three cancelled venues for the forum.

I don’t see any of this crowd marching around in front of mosques? If you are genuinely for women, how about a few protests at the attitude of Islam towards their own women (below men, often below livestock), and towards any women not a muslim (below a muslim woman). Daily there are reports coming out of Africa, Bangladesh and Pakistan, of women being raped and defiled and those women have to convert to Islam, be married to a muslim, or be killed.
Not only that, but in Australia, small girls are being cruelly mutilated by having their clitoris and labia chopped off and sewn together, to be ripped apart when married by a muslim male thrusting his penis in to deflower her. Pain????
What about the under age and forced marriages going on in Australia of young girls?

You lot are cowards. You won’t protest in front of mosques because you are afraid for your life, afraid you will be targeted on facebook, afraid for your families. (With good reason I might add) Islam is toxic and evil.
So instead you cook up a weasily reason for being offended, and try to run Christians out of town. Christians are being targeted and killed by Muslims all over the world, and so are homosexuals who by the way, are another bunch of hypocrites. Marching for gay marriage (ten years ago you lot were against marriage), when your fellow homosexuals in muslim countries are being murdered by being hung, beheaded, mutilated and crucified.
NO Christian group in the world, and no part of the New Testament, advocates the killing of homosexuals. It is not part of Christianity. It may be considered a sin, but the solution is to pray for that person. This may be humiliating for the gays in the west, but essentially this is harmless. Unlike Islam, which kills gays because it is in their texts to do so. And it will always be there.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/protesters-vow-to-block-world-congress-of-families-attendees-20140828-109gjd.html#ixzz3BoxM8vTm

1400 raped girls by Pakistani muslim men… where is Germaine Greer and the rest of the feminists?

FAIL FAIL FAIL…. Feminism is failing women when the so called leaders fail to speak out against Islam and its attitude to women and girls. I call upon Germaine Greer, who is living in England where these atrocities have been exposed by an enquiry (headed by a woman by the way, who is not afraid to name the Pakistanis), to condemn the Islamic religion for its sanctioning of rape of girls, particularly non muslim girls (kaffirs and lower ranking than even muslim females).

FAIL FAIL FAIL all those homosexual “leaders” (read pc showoffs) who are also not condemning Islam and Muslims.

29th August 2014

It has been awhile since I posted, and the world of big climate has had a few mortal blows, yet it doesn’t seem to fall over. Propped up by cowardly politicians who are terrified of the cowardly leftists in the media, and who buckle at the first greenie sitting outside their doors. Very disheartening. The 17 year pause in warming however, has been hard for them to hide, but as usual, b/s rules.