Of course the debt and deficit will grow initially under Trump…Stop the Magical Thinking.

Trump’s plan is to grow the economy with businesses coming back, plus put people to work (wall, bridges). Until the economy starts up and growing, of course Trump will have to continue deficit spending. Seriously, folks, Trump cannot wipe out the deficit and debt ceiling instantly. That is impossible.

I expect to see the media jump on this, so we don’t need to have this ignorance of the real world on CTH. Trump has a plan for recovery, he has laid it out. The plan did NOT include wiping out the debt and deficit and trade balance like a magical fairy act as soon as he became President.

Of course these people will make money on this. That is what they do. Again, his plan was not to wipe out Wall Street but to rein it in. People ignorant of how the real world works should educate themselves about the money markets.


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