Trump the Super Salesman

People seem to be forgetting that Trump is a super salesman. One of the tenets of selling is the “after sale” reassurance that they made the right decision, because people after the sale, quite often have “buyers remorse”. Trump will be giving interviews to stations and news outlets to get the maximum coverage back to his own supporters, it’s about maximum coverage, not partisan only doing outlets that were favorable to him, as many pundits on here want. I see also that a thank you tour is being proposed for Trump to see all of his supporters. I see this as also an after sale reassurance. Now another thing that good salesmen know is that the best time to get referrals is right after you make the sale. Trump is intent on shoring up support and getting more support. ie, he is going after all the “customers” he can, through his own supporters.
I see him as still trying to expand his base of support, ie, he is still campaigning.


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