Which Type of Islam Will Genocide You

From the Lame Cherry writer from the book by Philip Haney, an expert on Islam.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The continuing source for this education is one of the founders of American Homeland Security in Mr. Phillip Haney. The following information has been kept deliberately from the American public, and therefore the world, as it provides the education to stop the genocide of the Western Christian Peoples.

This is a post which each of you should print on paper and electronic copy to read and share, as this education on Islam is what your life depends on, and if your grandchildren will survive.

Mr. Haney’s descriptions are so complete and perfect that they only require to be read and remembered.

I will list the 5 Types of Jihad though which are gone into detail

  1. Financial Jihad: Jihad Fisabillilah mah, using money to enslave people.
  2. Language Jihad: Jihad Lisan, using propaganda to put people at ease to destroy them.
  3. War Jihad: Jihad Al Saif, using war to conquer people after money and words have weakened their resistance.
  4. Displacement Jihad: Jihad Haraj, the use of force to remove people from their own nations.
  5. Slaughter Jihad: Jihad Dekel, the final solution, the murder of all non Muslims




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