The Australian’s Greg Sheridan’s Puke-like Attitude to Trump

I was a fan of Greg Sheridan. I looked forward to his analysis of overseas events. I thought he was thoughtful and relatively unbiased.

Wow, was I wrong. Greg Sheridan, in his coverage of the US Republican primaries, and his coverage of Donald Trump, showed Greg to be extremely biased, and worse, totally lacking in research and proper background. His repeating of memes of the left staggered me. I did think he was a conservative person, but his coverage really outed him as yet another leftist on the books of The Australian. I also will take any writings of his in future with a large grain of salt. In other words, Greg Sheridan has lost his credibility as a researcher and opinion maker, another person who has been exposed by Trump.

Another explanation could be that Murdoch leaned on him and everyone at The Australian to give the biased caricature of Trump that the paper did the whole past 18 months.

Anyway, today he manages to again trash President Elect Trump in a musing, wandering, word salad (the accusations thrown at Trump by critics all the time), piece on chivalry.

Now, as a woman who is knowledgeable about the era that he writes about, and who has also been a recipriant of chivalry on many occasions, plus who actively engaged in the wave of feminism from the 60’s onward, I think I know a little bit more about chivalry than Sheridan, and from Sheridan’s columns, I definitely know more about Trump than he does, having read everything I can over the past 18 months of the campaign, and watched many many rallies. I also am not on anyone’s payroll (like Trump lol).

I see this piece as a thinly disguised “virtue signalling” by Sheridan, about how great he is, and he uses (again) the 11 year old tape of Trump talking to Billy Bush. Greg, Trump won. Trump won with women (ie he didn’t lose any more than Romney did). Nearly 50% of women who voted, said that what Trump said to Billy Bush was irrelevant to them in their selection of the candidate. Wow, women were adults about it, who would have guessed? ┬áIt has nothing to do with chivalry, sexism etc etc bla bla bla. Men have always had two ways of speaking, one in front of women, and one amongst themselves. If you, as a man, didn’t know that, what does that say about you? A nerd who has never had male friends? Or a fibber trying to virtue signal to a female near you.

Get over it Greg, we women have.

Trump the Super Salesman

People seem to be forgetting that Trump is a super salesman. One of the tenets of selling is the “after sale” reassurance that they made the right decision, because people after the sale, quite often have “buyers remorse”. Trump will be giving interviews to stations and news outlets to get the maximum coverage back to his own supporters, it’s about maximum coverage, not partisan only doing outlets that were favorable to him, as many pundits on here want. I see also that a thank you tour is being proposed for Trump to see all of his supporters. I see this as also an after sale reassurance. Now another thing that good salesmen know is that the best time to get referrals is right after you make the sale. Trump is intent on shoring up support and getting more support. ie, he is going after all the “customers” he can, through his own supporters.
I see him as still trying to expand his base of support, ie, he is still campaigning.

Of course the debt and deficit will grow initially under Trump…Stop the Magical Thinking.

Trump’s plan is to grow the economy with businesses coming back, plus put people to work (wall, bridges). Until the economy starts up and growing, of course Trump will have to continue deficit spending. Seriously, folks, Trump cannot wipe out the deficit and debt ceiling instantly. That is impossible.

I expect to see the media jump on this, so we don’t need to have this ignorance of the real world on CTH. Trump has a plan for recovery, he has laid it out. The plan did NOT include wiping out the debt and deficit and trade balance like a magical fairy act as soon as he became President.

Of course these people will make money on this. That is what they do. Again, his plan was not to wipe out Wall Street but to rein it in. People ignorant of how the real world works should educate themselves about the money markets.

The Beta World Monkeys Make Nice to The Don

Yesterday remarking on Paul Ryan’s speech, I said that the beta males will all grovel to the alpha. The monkeys will fall in line. I was correct. McConnell making a play how he is going to be tough but its all show. Now we see the beta international males starting with the biggest beta of all, the Canadian fool, lead the international charge to be the first to kneel at the feet of The Don, followed by the Mexican beta. Now the Japanese beta will meet on Nov 19. Folks, this is like olden times, when the surrounding tribes brought their goodies to pay fealty to the big guy (local noble, earl, big chief, king, emperor). THIS IS TYPICAL MALE BEHAVIOR NOW SEEN ON THE WORLD STAGE.

The Don will hardly have to break a sweat in negotiations on trade, because they will be bringing something to the table first, as their offerings.

This morning, I awoke to view the gibbering (yes a correct adjective nothing to do with “racism”, I am talking chimp behaviour here, whatever the color) Obama beta in the White House with The Don, while The Don sat quietly, no more need to beat the chest. He has won. The man apes worldwide have been watching the epic beating the Don has been fighting for 18 months, and they see he has won. They see how really, really tough this man is, and NONE of them is game enough to take him on. The Russian parliament I hear gave an ovation when they heard of his win. They of course have an Alpha male of their own.

I am so looking forward to the Don walking into the UN and NATO and saying, ok guys, how about paying up your dues. Of course, by the time he gets there, quite a lot of the back payments would have been made. LOL.

My interest in animal behaviour over the years, watching wild life videos, is showing fruit.