What is going on with Breitbart and Bannon?

Breitbart is owned by CEO Larry Solov along with founder Andrew Breitbart’s widow, Susie Breitbart, and the Mercers, Robert and Rebekah (father and daughter). All apparently are Jewish, but how this plays into their politics has not been examined by anyone (yet). Bannon is hired help (executive chair).
I am highly suspicious of the way Bannon loudly proclaims he supports the President, yet anyone who reads BB for the last few months finds that it is against the President. Bannon and Breitbart supported Ted Cruz for at least 15 months before their candidate was eliminated at the convention. Bannon and Conway and Mercers came on board the Trump train mid August 2016, so they were there for approx two and a half months only. However, it was important as fresh faces, particularly, in my opinion, KellyAnn’s TV interviews, and the computing power of the Mercers helped get Trump elected.

Those people who say Bannon was vital to Trump from the perspective of creating policy are talking through their ignorant hats. The policies were already in place thought up by Trump. Bannon supported Cruz’s policies. I always thought it rather cheeky that Bannon had a list of Trump’s policies up on his wall, supposedly to keep Pres Trump from straying off them.

The way Bannon has been creating this fictitious character of himself being the creator of Trump’s policies worries me about the man. “Methinks thou dost protest too much”.

Nobody at News Ltd wanted to own this brain dead piece of propaganda!

For sheer silliness (not humour) this takes the cake. President Elect Trump is filmed at his acceptance, then also with meeting with President Obama. Then someone runs through the videos, stopping the video at points and selecting stills which show Trump’s expressions. One tape is of him at what.. 2 am?… in the morning after 18 months of grueling campaigning, and manages to find a few areas where he looks tired. Similarly with the tape of him a few days later with Obama. He was actually looking serious at this very serious time and some bright spark at News thinks seriousness is misery?


The Australian’s Greg Sheridan’s Puke-like Attitude to Trump

I was a fan of Greg Sheridan. I looked forward to his analysis of overseas events. I thought he was thoughtful and relatively unbiased.

Wow, was I wrong. Greg Sheridan, in his coverage of the US Republican primaries, and his coverage of Donald Trump, showed Greg to be extremely biased, and worse, totally lacking in research and proper background. His repeating of memes of the left staggered me. I did think he was a conservative person, but his coverage really outed him as yet another leftist on the books of The Australian. I also will take any writings of his in future with a large grain of salt. In other words, Greg Sheridan has lost his credibility as a researcher and opinion maker, another person who has been exposed by Trump.

Another explanation could be that Murdoch leaned on him and everyone at The Australian to give the biased caricature of Trump that the paper did the whole past 18 months.

Anyway, today he manages to again trash President Elect Trump in a musing, wandering, word salad (the accusations thrown at Trump by critics all the time), piece on chivalry.

Now, as a woman who is knowledgeable about the era that he writes about, and who has also been a recipriant of chivalry on many occasions, plus who actively engaged in the wave of feminism from the 60’s onward, I think I know a little bit more about chivalry than Sheridan, and from Sheridan’s columns, I definitely know more about Trump than he does, having read everything I can over the past 18 months of the campaign, and watched many many rallies. I also am not on anyone’s payroll (like Trump lol).

I see this piece as a thinly disguised “virtue signalling” by Sheridan, about how great he is, and he uses (again) the 11 year old tape of Trump talking to Billy Bush. Greg, Trump won. Trump won with women (ie he didn’t lose any more than Romney did). Nearly 50% of women who voted, said that what Trump said to Billy Bush was irrelevant to them in their selection of the candidate. Wow, women were adults about it, who would have guessed? ┬áIt has nothing to do with chivalry, sexism etc etc bla bla bla. Men have always had two ways of speaking, one in front of women, and one amongst themselves. If you, as a man, didn’t know that, what does that say about you? A nerd who has never had male friends? Or a fibber trying to virtue signal to a female near you.

Get over it Greg, we women have.