Why Islam Will Conquer the World

This was my comment on a recent PJ Media article by Roger Simon.

Roger, I have been studying Islam for a few years now, ever since reading Mark Steyn and also discovered the website thereligionofpeace.com which has been listing islamic atrocities since 9/11. The big puzzle for me was that, apart from Spain, no country has ever thrown off the yoke. Why is this?

My answer is that islam rewards males with unlimited sex and power and once experienced, no man wants to give that up. In islam, the woman is owned from birth by a man, her father, brother, husband, son. Men have absolute power over women. A man can have 4 wives. Apart from that, he can also have “temporary” wives ie prostitutes, that he can “marry” in the evening, and “divorce” in the morning, thus not officially committing adultery.

The man also owns the children of the marriage and the wife never gets custody. You name me one man who grows up in that sort of society, who would give it up? Then compare this to the way men are treated in the US, in the West, particularly to the marriage laws where the Dad almost never gets the kids.

Islam caters to the sexual tastes of all sorts of men. Those that are pedophiles, can marry any girl aged 6 and consumate it at 9. Those that want little boys, well, that is catered to as well, as our troops found out in Afghanistan. Those who like to rape, can rape women provided they are not muslim women. Muhammed dictated that muslim women should cover up so that the men would be able to distinguish between them and non muslim women when they felt the urge to rape. In islam, it is permitted to have sex with an animal.

Be very afraid, because once this takes hold, the US will become the biggest Sharia state in the world. Islam has already made large inroads into the male black population, and it is never discussed as to why blacks are turning from Christianity to islam. They are being converted in prisons all over the country.

Bali Death Trap

I find it inconceivable that parents would allow their teenage children to go to Bali unsupervised. Yet another 17 year old lad has been arrested at a night club (why was he allowed in?) with “white powder”.

Have these people not heard of the Bali Nine, Schapelle Corby and numerous others caught, and either in jail for 20 years, or executed for crimes that in Australia would get them a few years of jail at most?

Have people not heard of Islam? Do they not know that Indonesia is packed full of 200 million muslims who take pride in killing Christians and anybody else that Mohammed slandered? Bali itself still has people with animist religion, but it is overlaid by islam. Indonesia is a token democracy, with elections, but make no mistake, Islam rules.

Indonesian judges take pride in having close to 100% conviction rate. 100%! Nobody gets that rate unless the system is slanted a certain way. The assumption is not like our western way, that you are innocent until proven guilty. There, if you are arrested, you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence. That may not strictly be their law, but it is how they operate it.

The sooner all Australians give Bali a miss and go to the Gold Coast instead, the fewer of these sad tales we will have to hear, and the fewer lives will be ruined.

Islamic Terror Attack at Melbourne Bank. Murdoch News hide story.

From Tim Blair: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/blogs/tim-blair/no-hiding-that/news-story/26a5d3fdf5d521fe014bd836bd260edf?nk=4cc87859553be5f93fea01f6e68f0dbb-1479691313

Actually Tim, they ARE hiding this news. No mention on TV news, and suddenly this story has vanished from the front page of The Australian (supposedly the National Newspaper of quality thinking). Considering that 27 people including a baby were injured, some very seriously, when this muslim called Nur Islam (wow that name is a giveaway, as Tim says) threw petrol across the floor of the bank and lit it while people were queuing for service, severely burning people, you would think that the progress of the victims might be of interest to the public. The only good news was that this low life was so stupid that he poured it on himself and thus was burned as well.

The Herald Sun Victoria, has a story not mentioning Islam. “Refugee has no sympathy for blast suspect” speaks about a “Myanmar asylum seeker”. You would not know that Myanmar is having serious trouble with muslims sneaking across the border, and colonising Myanmar and murdering buddhists and everyone else. In other words, another Islamic terrorist refugee brought to Australia.

The Courier Mail Queensland (aka red rag news although a Murdoch stable), has no mention at all of the 27 injured, let alone the muslim perpetrator. However, it does have its usual red rag item on Trump. http://www.couriermail.com.au  “Caught Out” “Trump’s New Advisor Seriously Scary” This man leaked classified information to Australia (true but ok’d), has a frightening view on muslims, and has just been given enormous new powers.

They are talking about highly regarded General Michael Flynn who had a falling out with Obama because Flynn wanted to concentrate the resources on muslim terrorists in the USA and Obama doesn’t even want to use the words to describe islamic terrorism, and in fact, Obama gutted all agencies from talking about it.

UPDATE: From the Brisbane Times stating the man is a Rohinga, and of course, putting a lot of sympathetic spin on the whole episode. I don’t see any reporting on the victims, however, at least 6 of whom are in a critical condition. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/victoria/springvale-arson-suspect-explainer-who-are-the-rohingya-20161119-gssz9m.html

The Rohinga asylum seekers could just have easily have moved next door to Bangladesh if they were being persecuted in Myanmar (Berma). However, this is not what they want. Maybe it has something to do with the excellent welfare system we have in Australia?

It is never stated that the Rohinga themselves were attacking the Buddhists trying to enforce their own state in Myanmar. Somehow this never the muslims fault. See a pattern here?

Breitbart also has an article. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/11/20/asylum-seeker-injures-27-in-bank-arson-attack/

Typically, the politicians are downplaying this. Listen to this fool. “Victoria’s state Premier Daniel Andrews said on Sunday there was no political motivation involved in the attack on the bank.” No? Ever read the Koran Premier Andrews?


Aust must be ‘part of the solution’: UNHCR…. Must?

Why is the UN ordering Australia around in this manner?  Is Australia a serfdom of the UN? Australia is not causing these problems. In the main, it is Islam and Islamic failed States all over the world that is causing it. How about lecturing Islam, sir? How about a policy of condemning Islam and its policies of Sharia law which kills all hope in peoples who are subject to it, apart from also killing Christians and others. How about lecturing all those neighbouring countries in the Middle East who are not taking these refugees. Then there are the millions of refugees who are just economic migrants trying to push in ahead of the genuine refugees.

see below part: the rest at the link at the Oz.

From The Australian: “Australia’s refugee resettlement deal with the United States presents a glimmer of hope for those on Nauru and Manus, but the government must look to regional solutions to solve the wider problem, the UN Refugee Agency says.

Speaking in Jakarta during a forum on statelessness in Southeast Asia on Monday, UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Volker Turk said that while the agency was not a party to the agreement announced over the weekend, it welcomed it.

“I think it is important given the precarious situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Nauru and Manus Island to ensure that solutions are found and we have been advocating for this for a while,” he said.

He said the deal offered a “glimmer of hope” but the UNHCR hoped Australia would promote the kinds of regional solutions to migration, displacement and refugee issues that were discussed at the Bali Process in March.

“We do think that Australia has to be part of the solution,” he said.

Mr Turk also expressed concerns about the Federal Government’s lifetime visa ban on asylum seekers and how this might affect the US deal.

“We know that one of the reasons behind irregular movement (globally) is restrictions on family.

“In a way (the lifetime ban legislation) makes precisely that aspect much more difficult because it essentially wants to put forward a life-long ban for entry of anyone who has ever attempted. It is almost like a life sentence.”

Refugees, he added, had a fundamental right to family unity and not to be penalised for seeking asylum.