Looking for Mr Wrong…The White House search for the leaker traitor.

There is clearly sedition against President Trump in the criminal leaking of, and taping, of Mike Flynn’s phone conversation with a Russian official.

Would it be all that hard to narrow down the leaker to a few individuals? There would be records of who was manning the phone tap at the time of the call. Then records of who was advised. For such sensitive material, it would not have been spread around a lot. There are issues with legality which would narrow it down. So get down to about 5-10 people. Then put them through lie detectors. Or simpler, put all who came in contact with it, on permanent leave as a lesson until somebody outs the leaker. Also perhaps post a reward?


Hide the Decline for Dummies – a clear explanation

I must admit I go glassy eyed at times trying to understand the stuff about proxy data, proxy temperature, tree rings and graphs! Like trying to do a PhD in two weeks. Look, the people who have been sparring with this for quite a while have an excellent explanation for this in readable format for us climategate dummies.