Fun with Drawing Muhammad

It’s important to keep up the ridicule of islam and mo on the internet.


Why Islam Will Conquer the World

This was my comment on a recent PJ Media article by Roger Simon.

Roger, I have been studying Islam for a few years now, ever since reading Mark Steyn and also discovered the website which has been listing islamic atrocities since 9/11. The big puzzle for me was that, apart from Spain, no country has ever thrown off the yoke. Why is this?

My answer is that islam rewards males with unlimited sex and power and once experienced, no man wants to give that up. In islam, the woman is owned from birth by a man, her father, brother, husband, son. Men have absolute power over women. A man can have 4 wives. Apart from that, he can also have “temporary” wives ie prostitutes, that he can “marry” in the evening, and “divorce” in the morning, thus not officially committing adultery.

The man also owns the children of the marriage and the wife never gets custody. You name me one man who grows up in that sort of society, who would give it up? Then compare this to the way men are treated in the US, in the West, particularly to the marriage laws where the Dad almost never gets the kids.

Islam caters to the sexual tastes of all sorts of men. Those that are pedophiles, can marry any girl aged 6 and consumate it at 9. Those that want little boys, well, that is catered to as well, as our troops found out in Afghanistan. Those who like to rape, can rape women provided they are not muslim women. Muhammed dictated that muslim women should cover up so that the men would be able to distinguish between them and non muslim women when they felt the urge to rape. In islam, it is permitted to have sex with an animal.

Be very afraid, because once this takes hold, the US will become the biggest Sharia state in the world. Islam has already made large inroads into the male black population, and it is never discussed as to why blacks are turning from Christianity to islam. They are being converted in prisons all over the country.

1400 raped girls by Pakistani muslim men… where is Germaine Greer and the rest of the feminists?

FAIL FAIL FAIL…. Feminism is failing women when the so called leaders fail to speak out against Islam and its attitude to women and girls. I call upon Germaine Greer, who is living in England where these atrocities have been exposed by an enquiry (headed by a woman by the way, who is not afraid to name the Pakistanis), to condemn the Islamic religion for its sanctioning of rape of girls, particularly non muslim girls (kaffirs and lower ranking than even muslim females).

FAIL FAIL FAIL all those homosexual “leaders” (read pc showoffs) who are also not condemning Islam and Muslims.

29th August 2014