Lies of Australian Media

I followed the election of Donald Trump on US media. What is dished up to us on ABC, SBS, Channel 10, 7, 9, is all of the left wing media of the US who are bitter about Hillary losing.

President Trump now has 60% approval rating in the US. He has 49% approval for the 90 day travel pause (not ban).

George Soros a billionaire globalist open border fanatic, funded over 50 of the “women’s” groups that marched and vilified Pres Trump.

If you get your information on the USA from Australian media, you are being misled and lied to.

Remember that Rupert Murdoch is no longer an Australian, he is a globalist, and so are his sons, and he owns this newspaper.

He got his nose out of joint with Pres Trump’s rejection of globalism, which is why you have seen little but negative coverage (except for Kenny) in The Australian, and other newspapers he owns.


Trump knows Best (or at least, better than the rest of us)

I love Rudy. I also love all those supporters (Christie, etc) who stood up for Pres Trump almost from the beginning in the face of ridicule and hostility.

Having said that, I admire Trump for trying to pick the best person for each important job whether that person is/was a personal friend or not. People who are getting angst about the supporters not getting jobs are actually insulting the supporters including Rudy. What they (and Dobbs) are actually saying is that the supporters were only supporters because they wanted a job. This is very insulting.

Trump has made his fortune because he picks the right person for the right job. Down at his core, Trump in an absolutely ruthless person who all his life has run with, and beaten, the big sharks. He has his vision of what he wants to do, and he is going to pick the sharpest knife in the drawer to do it. Period.

People can squeal all they want to, but I believe Trump is going to do everything he said. I believe Trump. Do you? To do that, he needs the big sharks in the tank with him facing the big sharks of Islam, Communism (“Socialists, Left” both in the US and abroad), the UN, China, and the Globalists.
Trump knows we are in WW3, He knows the US is facing ruin unless it gets its financial act together, and he is acting like it in his selections.

“Whitewashing” How dare they.

The latest racist phrase is “Whitewashing”. This refers to European actors playing different roles of different “ethnicities”.

So? Why shouldn’t they? It is fantasy.  Acting is all about role playing. If an actor can play the role, who cares.

I call this another tactic in the racism directed against “whites”.  For the ignorant, there are only three races. European, Negroid, and Asian (Mongoloid). Within that European tag there are dark skinned Latinos, Spanish, Arabs, and so on.

Further, latest dna testing says that every human being on this planet can be traced back to one family in Africa.

So we are all one, no matter the colour.

What this is about, is supremacy politics by people with darker skin who are European anyway, who are trying to get away with the same sympathy politics with the Negroid races.

This culture of division and of skin coloured supremacy must stop.

I call those people making this play, as racists.

Aust must be ‘part of the solution’: UNHCR…. Must?

Why is the UN ordering Australia around in this manner?  Is Australia a serfdom of the UN? Australia is not causing these problems. In the main, it is Islam and Islamic failed States all over the world that is causing it. How about lecturing Islam, sir? How about a policy of condemning Islam and its policies of Sharia law which kills all hope in peoples who are subject to it, apart from also killing Christians and others. How about lecturing all those neighbouring countries in the Middle East who are not taking these refugees. Then there are the millions of refugees who are just economic migrants trying to push in ahead of the genuine refugees.

see below part: the rest at the link at the Oz.

From The Australian: “Australia’s refugee resettlement deal with the United States presents a glimmer of hope for those on Nauru and Manus, but the government must look to regional solutions to solve the wider problem, the UN Refugee Agency says.

Speaking in Jakarta during a forum on statelessness in Southeast Asia on Monday, UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection Volker Turk said that while the agency was not a party to the agreement announced over the weekend, it welcomed it.

“I think it is important given the precarious situation of asylum seekers and refugees in Nauru and Manus Island to ensure that solutions are found and we have been advocating for this for a while,” he said.

He said the deal offered a “glimmer of hope” but the UNHCR hoped Australia would promote the kinds of regional solutions to migration, displacement and refugee issues that were discussed at the Bali Process in March.

“We do think that Australia has to be part of the solution,” he said.

Mr Turk also expressed concerns about the Federal Government’s lifetime visa ban on asylum seekers and how this might affect the US deal.

“We know that one of the reasons behind irregular movement (globally) is restrictions on family.

“In a way (the lifetime ban legislation) makes precisely that aspect much more difficult because it essentially wants to put forward a life-long ban for entry of anyone who has ever attempted. It is almost like a life sentence.”

Refugees, he added, had a fundamental right to family unity and not to be penalised for seeking asylum.